Some Thoughts: What Is An Adjunct Nursing Instructor

what is an adjunct nursing instructor

PBL has held fundraisers to send 24 students and four sponsors to the competition. College president Dr. Barbara Jones said the U.S. Department of Education is reimplementing year-round Pell grants. The grants will be available for students beginning July 1 and will allow a student to receive up to 150 percent of the student’s scheduled award. She noted that during previous years, that year-round Pell wasn’t implemented, completion of year-round programs were negatively affected. Students in programs like nursing stall their studies, drop out or take out loans to fund their education during the summer. “For us, we are, as (financial aid director Veronda Tatum) put it, a trailing institution … My understanding of that is it can carry for the summer at the end of the year, but that’s still good,” Jones said. “We’re very excited.

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